Thursday, June 9, 2011

Think Like A Child

"Children intuitively understand that life is a series of present moments, each meant to be experienced wholly, one right after another, as if each was important" ~ Richard Carlson

In other words ... children live in the moment. I know my children most certainly do. Salem could be wailing over a broken toy one minute and be completely content going outside to play the next. I have always attempted to implement this strategy into my adult life ... and have consistently failed ... miserably. The fact of the matter is that as an adult I have responsibilities and worries. So how I would I even begin to live in the moment?


Essentially I need to put less mental emphasis on worries, what needs to be done, the past, the future, mistakes I've made, regrets, concerns, and things that bother me. I simply need to live life now, today, in this moment ... without letting my mind carry me away to thoughts that are removed from the present. After all, isn't it true that happiness can only be attained in the now?
So how do I (an adult with children, bills, responsibilities and worries) effectively do this?  Well ... my plan is simply to work on it. To try and remind myself in the moment, when my mind starts to wander, that I need to be here ... now. There is a time to worry about bills, tackle to do lists, and voice concerns. However, that time is not boundless. I will be taking lessons from my children.

UPDATE : Operation CAPE (Create a Positive Emotional Environment) has been satisfactory over the last couple of days. The house has stayed somewhat clean. It's by no means a page out of Better Homes and Gardens. It's lived in ,as my mom would say, but it's comfortable. I have been steadily unpacking boxes and organizing. We will be building shelves and toy boxes for the girls' room in the very near future. I have not squawked one time and Kaylin has been keeping her voice down as well. Salem ... is two ... so ... yeah. We have been moving slower and enjoying our days more. It will take time, but we're getting there.

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