Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Painting With Marbles

Being someone who loves to paint I almost always have acrylic paints on hand. They are super inexpensive and so fun to play with. This project is super easy, and just a little messy.


* Acrylic or Kid Friendly Paints. Crayola Finger Paints will work as well.

*Marbles or Bouncy Balls

*Large Shoeboxes. ( I used large cardboard serving trays leftover from a birthday party.)

* Newspaper

* Blank Paper for painting on


1. Lay the newspaper down to protect the floor.

2. Place the paper inside the shoe box

3. Squirt a few different colors of paint on the paper

4. Drop 1 or 2 marbles inside the box and roll them around the box. Let the marbles do the painting for you.

It's that easy! My kids had a ton of fun with this project. The paintings they created are now on display in their room as well. We got alot of laughs in whenever the marbles would out of the boxes. LOL. Acrylic paints will wash up with soap and water ... so no worries. Have Fun! Let me know how it goes in the comments below. :)

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