Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Bored Box

At our house there is not a day gone by that my kids don't approach me with the ever popular "Mommyyyyyy .... I'm booorrrreeedddd". If you're anything like me you know that those words can be exhausting....especially when you're busy tending to household chores and what not. My response use to be, "I'm not your personal party planner .... go play ... use your imagination ... do something!" Well ... that never works. So, Kaylin and I created what we call The Bored Box. It's just a decorated shoe box that I keep playtime ideas in for when the kids are bored or it's a rainy day.

What You Will Need:

* An empty Shoebox ( you can have your kid (s) decorate it if you wish)

* Small pieces of paper or post it's

* Ideas


*Write your ideas for curing boredom on the peices of paper and put them inside the shoe box. When your children are bored tell them to grab a peice of paper from the bored box and have them hop to it! I always keep ideas in the bored box that I know will require little to no supervision from myself. That way, if I am busy with other things, the kids will be entertained and I will still have time to get my to do list checked off.

Here are some ideas out of my our bored box

* Office Play ( I set the kids up a little office with an old phone, paper, paper clips, and things that you would find in an office .. .let their imaginations do the rest. This usually keeps my kids busy for at least an hour)

* Dress Up ( I have a box dedicated to old clothes and makeup that I think the girls would like to play with. They have a ton of fun with it)

* Campfire Play ( I set up a little play tent, grab a few sticks and rocks from outside for the fake campfire,  I set up a blue blanket with little stuffed ocean pets for the lake, I set other stuffed animals up around the room for the forest, and tell the girls to grab their flashlights and pack their backpacks, and then every once in awhile I come in and flip the light to imitate daylight or nighttime. It takes a little bit to set up, but it keeps them entertained)

* Scavenger Hunt ( I usually just print a quick list off of the internet and set them loose)

* Story Time

* Hide & Seek

* Move Time w/popcorn and pop

That's just a few of the things we have in our bored box. You can add your own or look up inside playtime ideas on the internet. Feel free to let me know how things go or ask me any questions in the comments section. I would also love to hear about the ideas that you put in your own bored box!


  1. Apparently I need to start proofreading my posts. LOL. Woops!

  2. cute amanda!! :) --Bobbie