Thursday, June 2, 2011

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff } Intro to Live Full

Do you ever feel like life is just ... passing you by without even doing you the courtesy of flipping you the bird on the way? My bet is you're one of many ... including myself. There are nights that I find myself lying in bed thinking WTF am I doing, where am I going, is this IT for me? The fact of the matter is I am actually fairly content with my so called life, however, I am consistently searching for that "something more" that so many people have referenced before me.

This blog is going to be my dedication to finding that "something more" that I find myself in such desperate need of. It will be a journey as I am starting from scratch having absolutely no idea how to begin. I am basically beginning with the  ingredients that I THINK will work well together in order to make me full. Therefore, this blog could quite possible end up being sporadic posts of self help projects, rantings, craft ideas, recipes, personal adventures, etc. Think of it as a manuscript of my life's trials and errors. My goal is to post everyday but this blog may dwindle to a little more than one post a month. That's the fun part ... it's spontaneous ... I simply don't know .. and neither do you. ;)

Last but not least I must give credit where credit is due. Live Full was inspired by a friend, who was inspired by The Happiness Project, who in turn inspired me to be inspired by a book call "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"  ... which is where we will begin.

Thank you Kimbo.

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